A support knee high works as much simple as effective


Healthy, wholesome nutrition, lots of exercise and sport during leisure time, the trend towards wellness and spa experiences – health plays a key role in our lives. Unfortunately we often forget our legs in the process. But they literally play a supporting role for our well-being.


There are million people suffering from chronic venous weakness. The first warning signs are:

  • Varicose veins
  • Heavy, tired or nervous legs (especially in the evening)
  • Cramps in the calf (at night)
  • Swollen legs or ankles
  • Spider veins
  • Persistent pain

Result: Since we are on our legs a lot in everyday life, we inevitably put a lot of strain on them: monotonous standing or sitting strains the veins and the blood accumulates. The venous walls are stretched and weakened by the constant strain. As a result, the venous valves suffer and can no longer close properly so that even more blood settles downward. Returning the blood from the legs to the heart becomes very difficult work for the veins – the results are heavy, swollen or tired legs.


A support knee high works as much simple as effective.  The outwardly-acting, precisely defined, mechanical pressure profile working from the ankle upwards in a decreasing manner naturally causes a reduction of the venous diameter. The venous valves can close better, which means better blood circulation. During movement, the support knee high also has a resistance for the muscles, which can therefore work more effectively.

By the way: Regular venous exercise also helps to relief heavily strained legs.

You can find suitable exercises here: