1) Stretching

Place the tips of the toes of your left foot on the seat of a chair in front of you. Gently shift your weight to this foot by pushing your knee towards the tips of your toes. Keep your back straight. You can support your hands on the back of the chair or on the knees while slightly bending your elbows outwards. To stretch the calf muscles, press the heel of the supporting leg to the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds and perform the same exercise with the right leg after a short period of rest.

Grab your ankle with your hand while standing and guide your heel towards your bottom. Keep the knee at height and tighten your bottom and stomach. Ensure that the standing leg is still slightly flexed. If the exercise is done correctly, you will feel the stretching in the area on the front of the thigh of the angled leg.

2) Tiptoeing

Stand upright behind a chair or armchair. Hold onto the backrest in order to securely support yourself. Now slowly straighten your body by standing on the tips of your toes. Hold the position briefly and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise ten times. Short break. Then perform another two sets each with ten repetitions.

3) Heel circling

Stand straight with your feet parallel and about shoulder-width apart. Lift the left heel while the ball of your foot remains on the ground. Now slowly turn the foot inwards so that the left heel points towards the tip of your right foot. Then move the heel back into the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the right foot.

4) Seesaw with your feet

Lay on your back, best on a carpet or mat. Place your arms on your sides next to your body. Now lift both legs at the same time and stretch them towards the ceiling. Leave your knees slightly bent in the process. Now stretch both of your feet towards the ceiling and back towards your knees. Repeat ten times. Take a short break. Then perform two more sets each with ten repetitions.

5) Air cycling

Back in the supine position and place your arms next to your body again. Bend one leg and support it on the floor. With the other leg, cycle in the air, imitating the movements of pedalling. The foot should move strongly. Perform three more sets each with ten repetitions. Take a short break and then continue with the other leg.

6) Heel-toe

Sit relaxed on a chair or armchair. Place your thigh at a right angle to the lower legs and your feet in a parallel position. Place the left toe and the right heel on the ground first and then the left heel and the right toe. This will train the muscles in the ankle joint. Perform this 20 times. Take a quick break and then repeat the entire exercise.

7) Shake out your legs

Sit up straight on a chair. Place your bottom on the edge of the chair and keep your balance while sitting upright. Now stretch out your legs one after the other and shake your foot, calves and ankle joint. Done – and you’ve done something good for your legs! Ideally repeat these exercises daily.

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